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Taizu – Asia Terranean Kitchen opened in 2013 by renowned Chef Yuval Ben Neriah. The kitchen brings a mix of Asian street food and the Mediterranean kitchen, featuring local twists on authentic street food dishes from five south east Asian countries, inspired by Chef Ben Neriah’s travels throughout South-East Asia. The restaurant boasts a unique dining journey inspired by the elements of Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth combined with his personal interpretations.

Since its opening, Taizu has won many prestigious awards, including most recently "Best Restaurant" (TimeOut, 2018), "Best Fine Dining Restaurant" (2017) and "Best Restaurant in Israel" (Forbes).

  • Best restaurant 2014
  • Chef of the year 2014
  • Best restaurant 2015
  • Best restaurant 2017
  • Best restaurant 2019


Chef Yuval Ben Neriah tells the story of Taizu at Tel Aviv’s TED Conference.

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